Other FAQs

I love one of your necklaces, but I want it to be on a shorter/longer chain. How much will this cost?

SureShot™ pieces were designed using chain lengths that are complementary, balanced and in proportion to the rest of the design. Some listings for a jewelry design will have a dropdown for optional lengths. If you want a shorter chain, you can leave a note at checkout.  If you need a longer chain and the listing doesn't provide for alternative lengths, please email us about purchasing a separate chain and the cost associated with it at sales@sureshotjewelry.com.

Are you Engravers?

No, we are not engravers. Engraving requires special equipment that is readily available at a local jeweler in your local area. If you want to know if a product can be engraved, please email us. Several of our accessories can be engraved. Most jewelry cannot as there is no place for engraving to be done.

We are having a country/western/rustic themed wedding. Do you do wedding party work?

Absolutely! Our creator and designer of the SureShot collection was in the wedding business for nearly 20 years. She used to work personally with brides to plan the perfect wedding theme, from the flowers to the church to the reception. Click on the Wedding Party Gifts link towards the bottom of our home page to learn more or contact us at sales@sureshotjewelry.com.


How can I tell what sizes your jewelry pieces are?

A picture can be deceiving as to the size of the piece you’re ordering. And size matters. For this reason, you will always find multiple shots of a SureShot™ design in each listing including a photo taken with a coin to better the size and proportion of the design. We also indicate the size of the piece or length of the chain or how long the drop of an assemblage to be within the listing descriptions. We state measurements in US inches and/or millimeters. If in doubt, email us for more details about the piece you’re interested in.

Bracelet Sizes

Most women feel comfortable wearing a bracelet that is 7 to 7-1/2 inches in size, which is the standard length you find at stores. The bracelet will hang between your hand and wrist bone, which is the most attractive position. Most of our bracelets are “standard” length. If the length is smaller or larger than standard length, the description will state this.

Wrist Sizing

Measure your wrist with a flexible, soft tape measure (or a piece of string) just above the wrist bone (above the wrist bone is the area between your hand and the wrist bone). This is your actual wrist size, not your bracelet size. Add 1/3” to 1” to your actual wrist size, giving you your approximate bracelet size. The more you add to your wrist size the more your bracelet will hang lower to your hand.

Standard Bracelet Sizes

  • 7” Average woman’s wrist
  • 8” Average man’s wrist or woman with large wrist
  • 9” For man with large wrist

    Re-Sizing of our Bracelets

    If your wrist is larger, depending on the design and size requested, we may be able to make the bracelet larger by adding a key/link, larger clasp or extra rings to the end or ends.

    If your wrist is smaller, generally we will be able to remove a key/link or remove a link or two of the bracelet’s core depending on the size requested and the design of the bracelet.

    BRACELETS: If you want a bracelet resized, please contact us prior to making your purchase to discuss your needs. Costs are dependent upon the individual bracelet, the materials, and work involved.

    METAL CUFFS: Our cuffs are not cut and formed in our studio, rather they are purchased, so we are not able to create the base cuff in a custom size. Our cuffs a standard size and will fit most 7-8” wrist sizes. Note that metal cuffs are meant to sit behind the wrist bone and not spin loosely. They are meant to be stationary but not tight. If your wrist is larger or smaller than this 7-8” range, and depending on your personal preferences regarding fit, our cuffs may not be a good fit. Note that if you have a smaller wrist, please email us after purchase and let us know as we can pinch the base cuff before construction to make its circumference smaller for a better fit. Due to cold construction methods, our cuffs are NOT adjustable after completed. We cannot guarantee the connections if you attempt to resize a metal cuff post purchase and is not covered under our return/exchange policy.

    LEATHER CUFFS: Our leather cuffs are made with two snaps, one at 7” and the other at 8” and seem to be perfect for most.

    Necklaces Sizes

    Necklace lengths are measured from the hollow at the base of your throat. Choker 12-16 inch: This length falls perfectly around the base of the neck. This is a classic and versatile way to show off your signature pendants.

    Princess 18-20 inch: Perfect length for pendants and to make an eye-catching look. This is the most common and classic length for most women. This length is great for both casual and business attire. If you’re not certain which length is right, this is an excellent choice.

    Matinee 20-24 inch: A 20” is the next most popular length for both casual or business attire. This length is perfect to wear over your clothes or with a plunging neckline.

    Opera Length 26-35 inch: This is a long necklace offering many options. It can be worn as a single strand or even doubled up as a choker length.

    Men’s Necklace Lengths

    Most men today wear their necklaces at longer lengths or at their individual preferences. This length usually falls at around 20-24”. Please contact us if you need to adjust the sizing of one of our men’s or unisex necklace styles to fit your preference.


    Are the bullets and shotgun casings safe to wear?

    All SureShot™ jewelry and accessories are made using once fired or “spent rounds”. This means that they are “dead” and can no longer be shot through a pistol, revolver, rifle or shotgun. If you notice the centers of all of the bullets or shotgun casings have dimpled primers in the center. This indicates that they have in fact been fired through a firearm and thus dead and safe.

    Do you clean the casings before using them in jewelry applications?

    We put all casings through a thorough cleaning and polishing process prior to using them in any jewelry application. The cleaning process removes any debris and any gun powder residue. The tumbling process utilizes special mediums mixed with a microcrystalline wax compound that gives the casings their luster and aids them in retaining their shine as well as to deter fingerprints and tarnishing. Brass will tarnish and it depends on the wearer as to how fast this will occur.  We highly recommend purchasing a polishing cloth that is safe for brass.  See below.

    Do you have a list of all of the calibers and gauges you carry in the SureShot™ collection?

    Yes, our website is set up so that regardless of what product page you are on, there is a menu of calibers and gauges on the left hand side.  By clicking on your caliber or gauge of choice, the site will filter those particular products to show you only the designs that are available in that caliber or gauge!  Listing descriptions will indicate these options as well, so if you like a product and/or the photo in a listing doesn't show the caliber/gauge you are looking for, check the listing description and/or dropdown menus. How cool is that?!

    What if you don't have my caliber or gauge listed?

    We pride ourselves on having the largest selection of bullet, rifle and shotgun casings you will find in the country. We carry all of the most popular casings and calibers, but if there is a specific caliber that you are looking for, please email us thru the Contact page, as we do keep inventories of special casings, military rounds and rare or vintage calibers in reserve for those unique requests. We also have reputable resources where we can source just about any casing you may be looking for – from hard to find 32-20s to wild game ammo like 505 Gibbs. Simply email us with your request. Feel free to email us if you are not finding what you are looking for.  If we don't have your request, there is always the option of utilizing our customer submitted casing service called, "Your Casings, Our Designs". Go HERE to learn more.


    More About our Components

    SureShot™ bullet jewelry and accessories possess a unique, oxidized finish to give most of our designs a rustic charm. These elements include our filigrees, bezels, embellishments, chains and findings. Extended periods of non-use and exposure to elements may speed the tarnishing process. Elements that may cause your jewelry to become dirty through wear are things like sweat, perfume, lotions, soaps, among lots of other daily items. They can and will deposit chemicals on your skin which can affect your jewelry and in turn your skin. As a result, the reaction of the dirty jewelry may cause a residue that may end up on your skin. The trick to keeping most metals from tarnishing or turning your skin a weird color is to keep your jewelry clean and dry. Keeping it dry, not wearing it if you perspire easily, and keeping it in air tight containers or zip lock bags when not in use will all contribute to its longevity. Also keep in mind, that the same things like sweat, perfumes, lotions, soaps and simply your own unique skin oils can affect the jewelry and in turn may cause a reaction of the jewelry. Note that this has nothing to do with the quality of our components, but a reaction that can occur from ANY jewelry you wear.

    If you find you have to clean your jewelry with a soft cloth, keep in mind that you may remove some of the oxidation and it may begin to look shiny and the cloth may turn black. Once the oxidation has been removed, it cannot be replaced, so take care in being harsh with any cleaning cloths. You may effectively clean the chain in very mild, soapy water, but take care NOT to let any of the other components to come into contact with any water. We also do not recommend the use of any jewelry dipping solutions as they may be abrasive to the finishes or the delicate findings. Please contact us for more information. We are not responsible for any damage due to cleaning with water or other liquids. We recommend avoiding water or any liquids completely. As with any costume jewelry, it is best to avoid wearing your bullet jewelry or shotshell jewelry in the shower, while sleeping or exercising, and remove any rings before washing your hands.

    What is the content of your earring components?

    We use stainless steel on a majority of our posts, leverbacks and ear wires. Our brass wires are essentially brass. Always read the listing descriptions for this information or feel free to email us if you have a concern about a particular product. A special note: All of our earrings are finished both front and back and we will always include a photo in the listing of the backs of our designs. They clearly show that our earrings are properly set in bezels or mountings. These bezels and mountings are stainless steel to protect your skin should you have sensitivities. How unsightly would it be to turn over your jewelry and find a raw cut bullet or the hollowed inside of a shotgun casing showing! As true jewelry artisans, we produce jewelry that is finished both front and back. This translates to quality jewelry and what makes SureShot™ stand out above the rest.

    What are the 12 birthstone colors of crystals you use?

    We use the "standard" suggested crystal colors and use the highest quality crystals on the market. See the chart below for those colors. Any designs that offer crystal colors will use these.

    Does SureShot jewelry contain lead or nickel?

    All components and findings used in our jewelry are both lead and nickel free. All components and findings are sourced and handcrafted in the USA unless otherwise stated in the product's description area. Note that bullets are made of brass, and silver colored bullets are actually brass bullets with a nickel plating over them. As with all SureShot™ bullet designs, we properly mount or bezel set our casings so the raw bullet will never be in contact with your skin or clothes. This is important to note for those with allergies. Many makers of bullet jewelry simply leave the raw backs of bullet and shotgun casings, but here at SureShot™ we take special care in properly finishing our work both front and back to ensure comfort, safety and quality overall with all of our jewelry.

    Do you carry Sterling Silver jewelry?

    SureShot™ no longer carries sterling items as the settings, pendants and ring bases are readily available in the marketplace and not anything "creative" or "artistically" handcrafted. With that said, we may occasionally purchase sterling pendants with bezels that will accept bullet casings of certain diameters.  The listing details will indicate whether a pendant or setting is "sterling silver". SureShot is an artisan made line with designs that are exclusive to us, created by us and are our original works that you won't find anywhere else.


    Can I borrow pieces for a shoot?

    If you are a stylist, blogger, editor, photographer or PR firm, we love lending and we love free press. Please contact us at info@sureshotjewelry.com

    Do you donate pieces for auctions or giveaways?

    SureShot is familiar with the large number of events that occur in the hunting and shooting industry every year. Although we love the exposure, we cannot possibly donate to every event, so if you would like to have SureShot™ as part of your next silent auction or giveaway, please note that we are generally budgeting one year in advance. Please contact us at info@sureshotjewelry.com for more details.


    Yes we do! Our stock lists include gun shops, gun clubs, tactical stores, online hunting, shooting and outdoor related sites, western apparel and fine boutiques all over the US. Please click on the Become a Retailer link at the bottom of the Home Page to learn more about how to become one of our SureShot™ Jewelry retail partners or simply email us at info@sureshotjewelry.com.