How To Submit Your Own Casings

Thank you for choosing SureShot Jewelry and our exclusive service we call “Your Casings, Our Designs”

Whether you just shot your first round as a new gun owner, landed your first deer, turkey or other wild game, won your first competition shoot, shoot with an unusual brand or special caliber, or have military funeral (21 gun salute) rifle casings, we are happy to utilize your casings in our exclusive SureShot designs. This is a special way to preserve the casings instead of them sitting in a drawer. In the case of military funerals, the casings are very sentimental and having them incorporated into jewelry is a thoughtful way to keep that person’s memory close at hand and a perfect gift idea.

To get started, just follow the steps below to submit your casings:

  2. Put in the “Subject” line: Customer Submitted Casing Request
  3. Include photos of the casing or casings that you want to send to us. Phone pics are perfect. We need one of the casing(s) laying down and one of the top of the headstamps. Make sure to take the photos on a white/light background.*
  4. We will respond with a confirmation. This means we have seen your photos and the casings are acceptable for us to use.**
  5. If you have an idea of what you want produced with your casings, you can detail that to us in the email as well. We will let you know if the design or designs will work with your particular casings.
  6. Next step is to package and ship the casings to us.
  7. Please wrap, box or package your casings so they are not able to move freely before enclosing them in a small gift box or other container.Do not tape the casings together. Use a rubber band or just wrap them snugly together in a small zip lock.  DO NOT MAIL LOOSE CASINGS.  We are not responsible for damaged casings mailed in ways other than our suggested packaging. We suggest using a bubble mailer for shipping the box or package that contains the casings. These can be obtained right at your local Post Office for a small fee. If you want to send them in a box, you can do so as well.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO ENCLOSE A NOTE WITH YOUR FULL CONTACT INFORMATION, including your name, address, phone and email so we can match up the note to the email we have on file for you. Just the return address on your package is not sufficient. You can ship them via any method available by the USPS, but First Class Mail is all we require.***

Our post office box is:

SureShot Jewelry
P.O. Box #416
Moberly, Missouri 65270-0416

We will contact you via email when we receive your package to let you know we have them in studio, discuss all of the options with you based on the casings you submitted and ultimately place the order at that time through our website. Only until the order is placed and payment completed will we put your casings into production. If you are wanting these by a certain date, or for the holiday season (our most popular time of year for this service), please plan accordingly.

SPECIAL PROCESSING NOTE:  We have a patented process we utilize to prepare the casings for jewelry applications that involves machinery, therefore we highly suggest, if possible, that customers submitted a spare casing in the instance that a casing is damaged by the machinery during processing.  This does not occur often, but can happen on occasion.  For this reason, note that we cannot be held liable for damage or loss.   If we don't use the extra or extras, we will ship them back to you with your completed order.

That’s all there is to it.  If you have any other questions, just use the email address above.  If you feel more comfortable having a phone call to discuss the service, we are happy to do this. Just email and let us know you prefer a phone call and provide us with a number and best times to reach you.  Our studio hours are Monday thru Friday, 10-5.

Thank you for allowing us to make you something special and thank you again for choosing SureShot Jewelry.

*Note that each of our designs is made with specific casing diameters that use coordinating bezel sizes in diameters that only fit those particular casings. For this reason, casings are not interchangeable in all designs, meaning your choice of design will be highly dependent on the diameter of the casing(s) you are submitting to us.

**Note that we cannot accept casings that have bullets in them, new ammo, or casings that have live primers.

***Note that we are not responsible for casings not received, lost or damaged.  We highly suggest purchasing insurance and shipping your package with tracking.