Care Guide


Bullet and shotgun casings are made of brass and brass WILL tarnish over time. All of our brass has been tumbled with a special wax to hold the original shine longer, but because it is solid brass, it will end up developing a dull patina. For this reason, we sell polishing cloths which can be found in our Accessories section. This cloth is only to be used on the top or face of the bullet or shotgun casing(s) as needed. In the case of a piece that uses entire bullet casings, you can use the cloth to clean the shank of the casing as well. In the case of a cuff or design that uses other components, bezels, filigrees, chain or other metal findings, this cloth is NOT to be used excessively on these parts due to our components being finished with an oxidized or vintage patina. Excessive use of a polishing cloth on these parts will only take the oxidation away and shine the metal, thus eliminating the vintage look it currently has. Note that we’ve already applied a special coat of micro-crystalline wax to the top(s) of your bullet or shotgun casings. In the case of entire bullets, we’ve tumbled them in a special wax compound prior to application in the jewelry. These processes will deter both fingerprints deter tarnishing. Regardless, over time, you will eventually have to clean the casings to return them to their shiny luster. Our polishing cloths are always available for purchase on the website. To clean your casings, take the cloth and gently wipe in a circular motion over the tops of each casing. In the case of entire bullets, gently wrap the cloth around the shank and while holding the top lip of the bullet, gently turn the bullet back and forth to clean the bullet(s). Note that this cloth will get dirty after repeated use, but you can keep it in its bag and reuse it until it turns completely black on both sides.


Excessive heat and moisture can damage leather cording and cuffs. SureShot™ only uses high quality genuine leather or suede cording for its necklaces and heavy 7-9 oz. strap leather for its cuff bracelets. We suggest avoiding wearing any leather jewelry in the shower, hot tub, sauna or swimming pool as these can easily damage your leather. Over time, leather will darken from normal wear, water exposure, skin oils and lotions. Our genuine leather will become soft and supple over time, yet retain its rich leather aroma. All of our leather components are made in the USA.
SureShot Jewelry sells polishing cloths on the website under "Accessories" that can be used to clean the tops and sides of your bullet and shotgun casings.  Get one HERE.