“A way of life”…These words immediately spring to mind when you peruse the SureShot™ collection. It was in the Fall of 2010 that the creator, both an artist and outdoorswoman, saw a need in the jewelry market for a collection that embraced the essence of the outdoor life, the shooting and hunting industries, the military and law enforcement, the rocker, biker and general gun owner all rolled into one.

And now, over the last five years, Sureshot™ is at the forefront of the shotgun and bullet casing jewelry and accessory market, being the only "designer" collection in the US.  SureShot™ is completely handcrafted one piece at a time in their St. Louis studio.  The collection is registered with the US Copyright Office and the owner holds the only US Patent for the method of manufacturing spent shotgun and bullet casings into jewelry applications.  

“As individuals I believe we have a need to adorn ourselves in ways that express and celebrate our passions and interests. I didn’t see anything in the jewelry market that accomplished this for hunting and shooting aficionados in an exciting, fashion forward way, so I took the lead.”

SureShot™ offers the widest selection of jewelry & accessories for both men and women, all with wearability in mind. Exceptional and innovative design, plus uncompromising quality define the collection with the utmost attention to detail in comparison to any other jewelry of this genre on the market today. 

Whether you just received your conceal/carry permit, are a competition shooter, a weekend hunter, a true cowboy or a chic fashionista, perhaps you are a rocker, biker or just a lover of urban chic jewelry, SureShot™ has you covered. From simple bullet necklaces, classic bolo ties to dramatic statement pieces and leather jewelry, SureShot’s creator has perfected the art of taking “armament” and transforming it into “ornament”.
SureShot™ jewelry prides itself on the commitment to the spirit of American traditions. It is empowering, yet fashionable, it represents anything from a symbol of confidence, a token of strength, a statement of rights, a definition of identity and so much more. It utilizes only the best in American made components, findings, and chain, and thoughtfully incorporates related components such as genuine deer antlers, turkey and pheasant feathers, cowhide leather and more, all keeping with rustic yet distinct look and theme of the collection. SureShot™ even has fishing and waterfowl related jewelry offerings!

Sureshot™ sources both the widest inventory of spent bullet casings from pistol, revolver and semi-automatic rounds, hard to find calibers as well as all of the popular gauges of spent shotgun casings – all from well-known brands such as Winchester, Remington, Winchester, Federal, Fiocchi, Kent, S&B and more.

Overall, this commitment to American tradition has allowed for SureShot’s strong and growing retail presence both online and in select retailers, boutiques, gun shops, gun clubs and western stores all over the country in a very short time. SureShot™ has also been featured in major magazines and on national television. Select pieces were showcased and gifted to the biggest names in country music backstage at the 46th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee in 2012 as well as to all of the celebrities at the 2012 Prime Time Emmy Awards in Hollywood, California.

SureShot™ has fans that stretch into the public figure realm, such as celebrity chef and author Georgia Pellegrini, a/k/a “The Girl Hunter”, who has been seen over the years wearing pieces from the collection during appearances on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Fox News, and Inside Edition just to name a few. She has accessorized with SureShot™ Jewelry while demonstrating and/or speaking at major hunting and outdoor expositions around the country. In the past we've donated our jewelry for use in the celebrated gift bags she gives to participants at her popular “Weekend Getaways.”

In 2015, SureShot™ teamed up with none other than Melissa Bachman of Winchester Deadly Passion to offer a select group of products from the collection chosen by Melissa as her "favorites", coined the "Melissa Bachman for SureShot" collection. It is sold through a link from Melissa's website and on our website. As Melissa stated, “There is no other line of jewelry that speaks to this way of life and I’m so proud to be able to associate my name with this great jewelry collection.”

SureShot™ is on the fast track to becoming a national lifestyle brand with its mission to continue to be the leader in this jewelry arena for years to come. SureShot™ plans to expand into apparel and accessories markets in the coming year. Welcome aboard and thank you for joining us on our journey!

Welcome to sureshot™ jewelry and thank you for joining us on our journey!