Polishing Cloth for Shotgun and Bullet Casings

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Keep your bullet casing and shotgun casing headstamps shiny with these super quick shine polishing pads. 

Only to be used on the heads of the casings, not for any other parts of your SureShot jewelry. We utilize high quality oxidized finish components and findings for our designs.  Using this cloth on parts other than the headstamps of shotgun casings or on bullet casings will remove the vintage patina, shorten the life of your cloth and make all of the metals very shiny as a result, thus loosing the aesthetics of your wonderful SureShot jewelry.

You CAN gently use it for the chains, but keep in mind that with repeated use, the cloth will simply remove the vintage patina, making all of the components of the piece very shiny AND make your cloth black....fast!

Directions for Use: Keep the cloth in the bag when not in use. You may continue to use the cloth until both sides are completely black. They may look like they are worn, but they will continually shine up your bullets and shotgun casing heads for a good while! When they do become completely black, simply discard and visit us again for another!

If you have any questions about cleaning your casings or your jewelry in general, please see our FAQ page for more information.


You will receive ONE polishing cloth.


Don't forget your jewelry pouch to store your SureShot Jewelry.  See listings.

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