Vintage Remington-Peters Brand 12 Gauge Shotshell Slices - Lot of 20

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Lot of 20 ready to use VINTAGE and hard to find, Remington-Peters brand shotshell slices for arts, crafts, woodworking projects.  You decide!  FREE SHIPPING!

SureShot Jewelry wrote the first patent on the method of processing shotshells and bullet casings into jewelry applications!  And for the last nearly 15 years, we've been creating and selling our unique and original designs across the globe.  Because we've become a household name in the hunting and shooting arenas, we have access to lots of spent ammo!  

We are now offering small lots of 20 each, 12 gauge shotshells that have been cut to perfection using our patented method. 

So what makes our slices "the most ideal for use"?  The profile (thickness) of which we cut our casings is the ideal height for use in all jewelry applications.  We never pancake cut them.  Why?  Because the earth isn't flat, so why should your jewelry and crafts be flat?  Also, for most wood and other crafts that are out there, there needs to be a profile on the casings so they can be set or mounted into the application.  Overall, dimension is an aspect of design and in jewelry, it makes all the difference!  We know, we've been jewelry artists for decades!  

Pancake cutting compromises the spent primer and over the years, we've had so many acquired customers who may have purchased from "the other guys" say the primers fell out.  Being friction fit, the primers can be disturbed when and how the shotshell is cut and how thin they are cut.  With ours and our patented process, this problem doesn't exist and/or is eliminated.  

Note the backs of the casings in the photos.  The "meat" of the shotshell is still in place as well.  For any proper jewelry application or other crafts as well, you have to have the "meat" in order to use jewelry mechanics to incorporate them into your work.  Otherwise, you are stuck with a hollow piece of metal that has sharp edges and is unsightly if your application is not such that you are mounting them in bezels or into a wood application, etc.  And most of all, there is nothing in the back that can be utilized for adhesives or epoxies.  Also, we've never drilled holes in shotshells as that just cheapens and makes them look crafty anyway and you have the hollowed out inside of a shotshell on the back.  Yuck!!

Lastly, all of our lots will already be tumbled and waxed, meaning we've cleaned them and they have a thin layer of a proprietary wax to help the brass maintain its shine for a bit longer than normal.  These shotshell slices will come to you READY TO USE immediately.  You don't have to do any prep work AT ALL!

Lots in this listing are for 20 shotshell casings that are vintage, hard to find old headstamps bearing the Remington-Peters brand name.  The old style headstamps have much more character and made of solid brass, so they will last and not get tarnished edges over time like the newer ones can.

If you've read this far, then you can see that SureShot Jewelry is well-versed in shotshells and our slices will be the BEST CHOICE if you are looking to purchase shotshell slices to use these in any of your crafts or projects.  

Again, you will receive 20 cut Remington-Peters brand shotshell slices with their spent primers (in same color combo shown of all brass), cut to the profile width as shown (~1.5mm).  All casings will be the same, no hodge podge mixes.  They will be cleaned and polished and ready to go!

NEED LARGER QUANTITIES?   We have them. Just email us for pricing.

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