Bullet Earrings - Round Rope Ring Hoop Earrings

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Bullet casings in your choice of brass or nickel are set in silver pewter type loop bezels that are the perfect diameter to be suspended inside of these pretty rope rings. The result is a stylish and modern pair of dangles that have a western flair.

Use dropdown to choose your metal and if you want a little bling too, just say "yes" in the second dropdown and we'll add some diamond sparkle to the centers.

Simple stainless steel lever backs joined by thick jump rings finish the look.

Rope rings are 22mm in diameter, slightly larger than a nickel (see photo).  
Overall Length:  1 1/2"

Versatile and lightweight.

Note that we use 9mm, 38s, 357s and 40 cal for these.  If you have a preference, please leave a note at checkout.  Processing time may be longer in order to create them for you.

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