Remington Brand Advertising White Marble Orb Pendant Necklace

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Using inspiration from our upcycling background, we've acquired a few genuine advertising marbles from various gun/ammunition manufacturers and created these very unique (and cool!) orb type pendants that allow the marble to be suspended safely and give you ability to wear it instead of, well, what else can you do with the marble anyway???!!  LOL

For this necklace we used a white Remington brand marble.  It has the oval green and gold logo on the front.  Marble is white and one inch (1") in diameter.  Large marbles like these are shooter marbles as opposed to smaller marbles you are used to seeing.

We used antique brass chain and components for this necklace to complement the gold leaf writing in the Remington logo.  Chain that forms the cage is constructed so that the marble can freely move around inside, but it cannot fall out or come out.

Braided genuine dark brown leather cord at 22" in length.  Antique brass lobster.

Need a shorter or longer cord?  Just email us!

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See other listings for more of these collector marbles using Colt, Winchester and also the valuable black 100th Anniversary Winchester marbles too!

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