22 Caliber Petite Dangle Bullet Earrings

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A creative use of .22 caliber casings!  You'll be hard pressed to find any earrings on the market the utilize .22 caliber.

These super lightweight and very petite dangle earrings are one of our smallest pairs of bullet casing dangles in the SureShot collection.  Bullets are cut using our patented process and set in pendulum style drop pendants in antique silver.

Great mixed metal look.  Hung from french hooks with 5mm jump rings

Diameter of Setting: 7mm
Length:  Approx 26mm or 1-1/8"

Earring keepers included

Also see our bib style 22 caliber necklace.  They make a great set!

Inventory consists of several brands including Federal ("F"), Remington ("Rem" - shown), Aguila ("A") and CCI ("C").  You will receive a pair of one of these brands with the same headstamp.  If you want a particular headstamp of those listed here, please leave us a note at checkout.


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