Triple Bullet Earrings - Patriotic - Red White & Blue

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Red, white and blue never go out of style!  Salute your country and right to bear arms with these "patriotic pretties".

These triple bullet casing earrings are one of our earliest designs in the SureShot collection. Copied by many since, but never equaled! The quality of our components and method of construction makes our design the superior choice!

Bullet casings are set in the perfect stainless steel bezels and stacked in threes in a pretty cascade.

CHOICE of brass or nickel casings (shown). Use dropdown to make your selection.

Casings are processed using our patented method, keeping them at a slightly lower profile in order to alleviate weight and make these a lightweight pair of "go to" earrings when you want more than just a stud or simple dangle. You can dress these up or wear them casual.

Length: 2 5/8"
Lever back closures - stainless steel

Note that we use 38s, 357s, 40s and 9mm for this earring style.  Leave a note at checkout if you have a caliber preference.  Shown are 9mm.  Please allow our normal processing time to create your earrings prior to shipping.

WANT THE MATCHING NECKLACE?  See last photo for sample.  Not included.  See other listings to purchase.

(orig. 6777+ 9897)

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