Long Layering Bullet Necklace

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An essential for any lady's jewelry box!  Wear with this with shorter necklaces for a trendy layered look or wear it alone for a grab and go fave!  If you are in the office during the day, this is a beautiful piece to wear with your suit or work attire.  It will look trendy while being a genuine bullet necklace!! 

This long, stylish look is handmade, created with stations of 45 auto bullet casings set in stainless steel bezels at about 3 inches apart.  Chain is our quality stainless steel cable.

Length:  34" with lobster closure (but you can simply slip this one over your head and head out the door!)

Choice of brass or nickel casings (shown with nickel casings).  We use 45 autos for this piece, but can take custom requests for other calibers that are the same diameter (and will fit the 12mm bezel size).  Examples would be 308, 270, 243, 30-06, 44 magnum (all of these will only be available in brass casings). 

Optionally, you can have crystals in the center in your choice of classic diamonds, or select from one of the many colors we carry.

Use dropdown to choose brass or nickel 45 auto casings as well as choice of crystals, or none at all.

If you prefer another compatible caliber as mentioned above, please contact us with your preference prior to purchase to confirm availability.  

As an option, for a shotshell style, we can use 410g shotshells. See other listing for this style.

An exclusive, original design of SureShot Jewelry.

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