Copper Horseshoe Nail Earrings

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Horseshoe Nail Earrings - Horse Jewelry - Equestrian - Mounted Shooting - Cowgirl Style Earrings - Coffin Nail Earrings from SureShot Jewelry.

We landed some copper over steel horseshoe nails so we could enhance our growing collection of horseshoe nail jewelry!

This pair echoes our other design, where we wrap the shanks of the nails in a contrasting metal color, in this instance silver wire to give the nails added character and interest. Silver and copper always pair well together, with silver being "hard" and copper being "soft".

Matching thick silver rings and stainless French wires complete the look.

Length: ~2.00"
Ear nuts included

All horseshoe designs we create are our original works. There are now six earring designs (including this new copper version) and several necklace designs listed. 

For the horse or equine lover, cowgirl, mounted shooter, barrel racer, farrier, you decide - these are a must have! 

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