Silver God & A Gun Charm Bullet Necklace

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Our inspiration for this piece came originally from country singer Josh Thompson's hit, "Way out Here" starts with the line: "This house is protected by the good Lord and a Gun..." A great single, a great song and a great necklace!

VERSATILITY is the best word to describe this necklace.  Offered in either antique brass or antiques silver components. The necklace includes a brass bullet casing (calibers will vary) set in a solid backed bezel, with our signature pistol charm and detailed crucifix. Hung at just the right lengths from solid rope ring and suspended from an 18" standard length cable chain.

BUT THAT'S NOT WHERE THE CHOICES END! You have a choice of crystals to make this necklace personalized just for you! Use the dropdown to choose your color or if you like the casing as it is, you can opt for that as well.

Want the necklace with antique brass components?  Select it from the dropdown.

Length: standard 18"
Lobster closure


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