Straight Shooter 22 Hornet Bullet Earrings - Choice of Bead Colors!

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22 Hornet brass bullet casings transformed into these slim, stylish dangle earrings. 

Upon first glance, you won't be able to tell that these are actually bullet casings! That's what we find most intriguing!

Detailed filigrees have been added to the shanks for added interest and to give them some detail. 

Choice of silver filigree, ruby, black, amethyst or turquoise beads that we wired into the top and bottom of the casings.   Use dropdown to make your selection. Shown are ruby, turquoise and filigree beadwork.

Because they are empty, the casings are very lightweight and hang at a perfect length.  Hung on stainless steel ear wires.

Length:  1 3/4"


Earring keepers provided.

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