CLIP Style Bullet Earrings

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For those that do not have pierced ears, we offer clip-on bullet and shotshell earrings.

These are the smallest size we create, using 9mm, 38, 357, and 40 S&W bullet casings in your choice of nickel or brass.*

They are set in stainless bezels which you will find represented throughout the SureShot collection for many of our jewelry designs that utilize these calibers. The consistent use of this bezel allows you to mix and match these earrings to many necklaces and bracelets to make a complete set. That's the beauty of our SureShot collection is the artistry and attention to detail that we bring to our line to offer you a cohesive and quality collection of designer jewelry and accessories created from shotgun and bullet casings!

The bezels frame the casings and give a finished look to the clips both front and back.

Want some bling?  Use dropdown to choose diamond crystals.

Diameter: 10mm
Lead and nickel free components - always!

*You will receive one of the calibers listed.  If you prefer a certain caliber of those listed, please leave a note at checkout.  Additional processing time may apply.  Make sure to indicate if you want nickel or brass as well.

See more listings for larger shotshell clip-on earrings in both 12 and 28 gauge varieties.

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