Antler Pendant Screw Lock Necklace

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A stunning necklace that is completely handcrafted, even the chain!

The chain was made using #1 brass barrel swivels used in fishing, combined with textured antique gold ring connectors.  The result is a custom link chain that is one of a kind.

The chain is joined to a nautical style brass screw lock in the front, by two pocketwatch swivels.  Necklace is put on and off by unscrewing the lock that has a threaded bar.  Hung from the screw lock is a ~4 1/2 long genuine deer antler that we've hand wired into a 28 gauge shotshell cap.  How cool is that?!  See close up photos of the chain and the antler!

Necklace hangs at 20 inches at the point of the screw lock.  The antler pendant adds another 5 inch drop.

Only one available at this time.  An exclusive design of SureShot Jewelry.

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