38 Special Bullet Tie Bar / Tie Clip

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A best seller for many years, these tie bars are the perfect gift idea for any guy that shoots or hunts!

This style utilizes a long, slim style bar that is silver plated and shiny on the top.  Bullet casing is set in a stainless bezel and securely mounted to the tie bar.

The diameter of the above calibers fit the proportion of the slender tie bar. For larger calibers and shotshells, we offer a shorter, wider tie bar. See our other listing to purchase one or more of that style.

These tie bars are approximately 56mm x 5mm (2 1/4" x 3/16") and are spring loaded, so they will fit snugly to any tie. See photos for back of tie bar.

Brands of casings will vary. Contact us with any specific requests.

CHOOSE FROM BRASS OR NICKEL CASINGS.  Use dropdown to choose your preference.

LOOKING FOR A CERTAIN CALIBER OR GAUGE?  See listings for various styles of tie bars and with various bullet calibers and shotshell gauges.

WANT A TIE TACK INSTEAD? We have a full line of those as well. See our listings.

HAVE A WEDDING COMING UP? Contact us regarding our Groomsmen Packages or visit our SureShot website for more details.


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