.22 WMR (Magnum) Beaded Gray Leather Fringe or Tassel Adjustable Bullet Necklace

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Seven .22 WMR (Magnum) casings are "loaded" with soft genuine deerskin lace in a gunmetal gray with added silvery faceted beadwork to form this modern, mixed metal focal piece.  Hung from chunky antique silver links, with dark gray deerskin leather lengths that can be adjusted to suit your personal taste!

Wear it long (up to 36") or short (no limit) by adjusting the leather ends through a large hole bead provided.

This is a classy looking necklace that can be worn casual or for the workplace.  The dark gunmetal gray leather against the brass casings is really stunning.  

Limited quantities.  Exclusive design of SureShot Jewelry.


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