Triple Wrap Burgundy Leather B&P 12 Gauge Heart Bracelet

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Just in time for Valentine's Day we produced these triple wrap leather bracelets that feature beautiful Italian manufactured Baschieri & Pellagri 12 gauge shotshells which are manufactured in various colors.  

We chose a burgundy smooth leather cord to match perfectly with the burgundy B&P shotshells which are bezel set and mounted to hand etched antique silver hearts.

Pretty oval pewter end caps carry out the theme.

Closure is a large lobster and we've added extension rings so these will adjust to a variety of wrist sizes.

The beauty of B&P casings is their various colors and we think these burgundy ones were perfect for a Valentine theme bracelet, don't you?!  You have to look twice to realize that these bracelets are made with shotshells!  They are high quality, and designer worthy.

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The standard size for this bracelet is 7.5 inches and will fit from a 7.5" to about an 8.5".  This would include the use of the extender chain.  Use this as a guide to choosing the right size for your own wrist.  Any questions, just email us.

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