Stainless Circlip Horseshoe Shape Bullet Earrings

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Industrial style stainless steel circlips or snap rings, an unexpected component for jewelry, are used for this new and innovative pair of bullet earrings. Circlips are a type of fastener or retaining clip used to secured pinned connections in several applications.  But let's not bore you with that!  SureShot is using these clips in a new and cool looking way, right?!! 

Stainless jump rings are designed to hang the clips and the bullets, which are mounted in stainless bezels, from beaded French wires.

Choice of brass or nickel casings.  Brands Vary.  We use 40s, 38s, 9mm and 357s.

Optional crystals in center.  Use dropdown to make your selections.

Circlips are the diameter of a nickel - 7/8" or 21mm.
Ear nuts included

Creative, new and designed by SureShot Jewelry.   

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