Hair Barrettes for Ladies or Girls - Bullet Accessories

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Bullet barrettes are popular for ladies and always for the young ladies!  And much needed by ladies that hunt or shoot as well.  A great gift idea for a young girl that is learning to hunt or shoot!

This style of barrette clip features super tight closure that snaps into place. Made to hold thick or thin hair securely in place. 

We offer two sizes.  This listing is for the smaller size that we create with brass or nickel bullet casings.  Brands and calibers will vary from 9mm, 38 special, 357 mag and 40 S&W. Photos show examples.  You will receive a matched pair of casings, matched in caliber and brand.

Bullets are cut in a low profile and set in stainless steel smooth bezels for a quality look and finish both for the front and back of the barrettes.  

For the larger barrettes using 410 gauge shotgun casings, see other listing or click HERE.

Barrettes are sold in PAIRS only.

Optional diamond crystals in the center.  

Use dropdown to choose brass or nickel casings.

Length:  38mm

A SureShot™ exclusive!


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