Hair Pins for Ladies or Girls - Bullet Accessories

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Bullet hair pins are a fun way to show your shooting status while being stylish and functional too!  They are popular for the young ladies too!  A great gift idea for a young girl that is learning to hunt or shoot!

Hair pins are constructed of silver plated copper, mounted with stainless steel bezels where we nestle a low cut bullet casing.  We don't flat mount the bullets because of our attention to quality and detail.  The bezels give a much more finished look both framing the casings on the front, but a nice smooth finished look on the backs of the hair pins.  See photo.

We create these in pairs with your choice of brass or nickel bullet casings.  Brands and calibers will vary from 9mm, 38 sp, 357 mag and 40 S&W. Photos show examples.  You will receive a matched pair of casings, matched in caliber and brand.

Optional diamond crystals in the center.  

Hair pins are sold in PAIRS only.

Length:  50mm or 2 inches long

A SureShot™ exclusive!

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