Classic Bullet Cuff Links

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Created to be a perfect match to our bullet casing tuxedo buttons.  Simple, understated, classic! 

Cuff links are constructed using our signature method, set in stainless steel bezels and mounted to quality silver plated cuff link bases. The result are finished cuff links that look great both front and back and won't harm your cuffs.  A perfect size and they make smart gift for your man!

Diameter:  12mm or slightly less than 1/2"

CHOICE of BRASS or NICKEL casings.  We use various calibers such as 9mm, 38 special, 357 mags, 357 sigs or 40 S&W, and always major brands. Shown are brass casings in a 40 S&W caliber.  If you are wanting a particular caliber listed above, please leave a note at checkout. Additional processing time may apply.

Get the matching set of 4 tuxedo buttons HERE.

WANT SHOTGUN CASINGS INSTEAD? We've got you covered. SureShot has all the popular gauges - 410s, 28g, 20g and 12g.  See our listings.  

Have a wedding coming up?  Check out our Groomsmen Package page for more information.

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