Bullet Shirt Buttons - Button Shanks

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Set of six (6) bullet casing button shanks for your favorite shirt or blouse.

Casings have been processed through our patented method. Cut to have a low profile to decrease the weight of the casings.

Mounted in smooth stainless steel bezel cups with soldered button hole loops/shanks. See photos. 

Take a chambray shirt and give it a new look or adorn your favorite western apparel with these smart looking buttons! If you're an avid shooter, go to gun shows, or the like, these buttons will surely be noticed and great conversation starter too!

Diameter: 12mm or just about 1/2"
Set of 6

Calibers and brands vary.  Because the bezels are 12mm, there are only certain calibers that they can accommodate.  Shown are 44 magnums.  Other suitable calibers would be 30-06, 308, 270, 243, 30-30s or 410g shotshells.  If you prefer a certain caliber, please contact us prior to purchase to confirm availability.  Additional processing time required for custom orders. 

Otherwise, we will choose 6 of one caliber/brand.  Set will be of matching caliber and matching brand.  We use only major brands of casings. Shown are Remington (R-P) brass casings. 

Button shanks come mounted on a jewelry card as shown and gift boxed.

WANT BUTTON "COVERS" INSTEAD? We have those too! See our listings for sets of 5 using either 28g or 20g.


Use a polishing cloth to shine up casings periodically.  We sell brass cloths here on our website.  


Although the adhesive we use is also used by the largest jet airline manufacturer in the US and is waterproof and industrial strength, we highly recommend that you remove the button shanks from the clothing item before ANY type of laundering is done. We DO NOT recommend putting these in the washer, we DO NOT recommend hand washing them and DO NOT dry clean them.  

These button shanks are not guaranteed for any particular time period for durability. They are meant for decoration ONLY.   


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