Rabbit's Foot 12 Gauge Key Rings

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Genuine rabbit's feet wired into 12 gauge shotshell caps!

Generous size key ring and added large swivel lobster for versatility in use.

Most are the white/beige/gray colored, some are more white, and a couple that are dark brown.  We will choose one for you. 

They say that carrying a rabbit's foot will bring you "good luck"!

NOTE:  Shown are examples using silver 12 gauge shotshell cap and silver components.  We also create these using brass 12 gauge shotshell cap and antique brass components.  Use dropdown to make your selection.  (more photos to come soon).

See our tassel key rings as well in 5 shades of leather.  We also have a full selection of 20 and 12g keyrings, bottle opener keyrings and also buffalo nickel keyrings too.

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