Loaded Bullet & Shotshell Mixed Metal Boot Bracelet - BEST SELLER!

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This design was borrowed from our BEST SELLING Mixed Metal Loaded Charm Bracelet.  It combines shotgun casing and bullet casings for a boot bracelet that is loaded with both style and fire power.

Included are 20 gauge shotgun casings, 9mm nickel casings, nickel 357 sigs and lots of brass 22s. 

Just like the sound of spurs on your boots, this bracelet gives you a slight jingle to your step!

Easy large lobster swivel closure with extender rings to fit a variety of boot styles such as biker boots and even your ugg type boots!

Comes with our signature pistol charm and our SureShot logo charm.

Length:   15” (not including extender links - see photo)

Check out our HUGE variety of boot bracelet styles.  Largest selection on the market!  See all of our offerings HERE.



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