Horseshoe Nail Earrings

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Horseshoe Nail Earrings - Horse Jewelry - Cowgirl Style Earrings - Coffin Nail or Industrial Style Upcycled Horseshoe Nail Earrings from SureShot Jewelry.

Fresh from the horse barn of our old farmhouse, we salvaged an old coffee can of horseshoe nails. There was even a little straw mixed in!

I've had these in my studio for a few years and last winter, while rummaging, I found the coffee can, shook it and said "Hay! Let's upcycle these!"

Nails have been grinded clean and still have a little of a grungy look, but that lends to their authenticity and the fact that these didn't come out of a store bought box of new nails, but were from old stock right from the farm!

This is our classic pair, featuring hand wire wrapping of bronze wire for added interest, and hand curled nail tips into loops to hang from matching bronze connector rings and hung from stainless steel ear wires.

Length: ~2.00"
Ear nuts included

For the horse lover, cowgirl, country, western, barrel racer - these are a must have! If you like industrial looks, these have you covered. And for grunge or goth ladies, these fit the bill as well!

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