Turquoise Embellished Brass Bullet Multi-Chain Necklace

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A necklace we've been creating since 2010 has just gotten a facelift!

Spent brass 45 Colt casings are "reloaded" with turquoise magnesite teardrop stones that mimic a bullet head and result in these great looking pendants. 

What makes these special are the variety of detailed antique silver stampings we embellish them with - a lizard, a feather, a fleur de lis or a filigree cross. They are carefully dapped to fit smoothly around the curve of the bullet shank and sit flat.

The casing is hung in a multi-chain look, combining a stainless steel ball chain and an oval cable chain together, although you can also choose to have just the single ball chain.  Make your selection in the dropdown.

Length: 28 inches
Lobster Closure

A trendy look that can be worn with other necklaces as a layered look, or alone for a necklace that doesn't need company! It's cool all by itself!

SureShot has a variety of jewelry styles utilizing turquoise type beadwork. See other listings by using "turquoise" as your search term.  We have lots to choose from!

Use dropdown to choose the embellishment that suits you best.

Need the necklace longer or shorter? Simply contact us PRIOR to purchase.  If the length you need is up to 6 inches longer/shorter than 28 inches, just leave a note at checkout the length you need.  No need to contact us beforehand.

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