28 Gauge Shotshell Classic Bullet Earrings

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A sweet size diameter, these earrings are simple yet distinct in SureShot styling!

28 gauge shotgun casings set in smooth stainless steel bezels and suspended from stainless steel French wires by thick stainless jump rings is our signature method.

Length: ~2 1/4"
Earring keepers included.

Primer centers vary.  Brand will be Winchester.  NOTE:  If you are an avid huntress, you will recognize that the 28 gauge casings we use in all of our designs are the "old style" Winchester brand casings, ones that are no longer available on the market today!  They have the name "Winchester" spelled out on the heads.  Same goes for all of our 20 gauge!  

OPTIONAL CRYSTALS IN CENTER.  Use dropdown to choose large or small diamonds.  See photos for size difference of crystals.

Use the filters to search all of the designs we create specifically using 28 gauge shotgun casings.

Check out the myriad of earring styles we offer using shotgun casings casings from studs to lever backs to fancy dangle designs!

(orig. 6380+, +9929)

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