Triple Diamond Pendant Lariat Style Bullet Necklace

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A diamond necklace that is stunning!  

Three hand etched detailed diamond pendants are embellished with brass bullet casings framed in smooth edge bezel settings.

Constructed in the popular lariat styling and finished with a faceted antique silver spike pendant.

Necklace is 18" long to the point of the ring connector.  The drop is 6" (from the top of the connector ring to the bottom of the spike pendant).

Option of diamond crystals in center of bullets (shown).  Use dropdown to say "yes" or "no".

Calibers and brands may vary.  Caliber shown are brass 45 autos which are 12mm in diameter to match the size of the bezels.

A SureShot Jewelry original design.    

CHECK OUT THIS NECKLACE in the same lariat drop styling using conchos and mm HERE.


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