Wood Laser Cut Hand Finished Gold Deer Head / Buck Necklace

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These are rather petite 2" x 1.25" laser cut deer or buck head wood pendants that we hand painted and sealed in our studio.  The thickness is just an 1/8". Super, super lightweight, yet sturdy and made out of actual wood.

Holes are carefully drilled in the racks in order hang the lengths of chain.

We chose a high quality soldered, petite matching cable chain that keeps in line with the lightness of the overall necklace.

Length:  18"
Lobster closure

OPTION:  If you would like a rifle casing set into the face of the pendant, please contact us.  We are working on having this available to those that want to submit their casings to us from a first hunt or other special occasion in deer hunting.  Email for details at sales@sureshotjewelry.com.


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