20 Gauge Black Leather Concho Cuff Bracelet & Earring Set

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Handcrafted cuff using 7 oz. black strap leather.  Snaps riveted at 7 and 8 inches.  Rich quality leather that will break in around your wrist with each use and will last a lifetime.

Four 20 gauge brass shotshells are mounted along side antique silver hand etched concho look discs. Components are hand riveted to the cuff for stability and longevity.  Quality craftsmanship to ensure a long wearing cuff.

Cuffs are a popular choice.  They have a western vibe, country style, and gypsy look - all wrapped into one!

An original design from SureShot Jewelry.

Size:  Snaps at 7" and 8"

Width of cuff:  1 1/2"

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