Hot Caliber Sun Brass Bullet Necklace - ALL Crystal Colors

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This necklace is "HOT"!!!

Features an interesting sunburst or sun pendant showcasing a brass bullet casing for it's core.

Fire power surrounded by the fiery heat of the sun. We call this our "Hot Caliber" necklace!

Necklace is offered using antique brass components. Hangs from a sturdy coordinating cable chain.

Swarovski crystals are optional. Use the dropdown to make all of your selections.

Diameter of pendant: 2 inches
Length: standard 18"
Lobster Closure

NOTE: We use appropriate size casings based on the diameter of the bezel setting. These include 44 magnums, 45 autos, 270s, 30-06, 30-30, 243 or 7mm. Anything smaller will be lost inside the bezel and not be proportionate.


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