Hair Barrette - Bullet & Shotshell Oval French 20g & 9mm Hair Barrettes

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French style hair barrette using a detailed oval component base.  Base is made from tin, sterling silver plated and individually etched.  Then dipped and oxidized to bring out the fine handiwork.  

Design includes a 20 gauge shotgun casing, we double mounted for dimension and interest (we never flat mount our casings) first in our signature rope bezel and then a star shape etched component* to complement the oval barrette base. We flanked the 20 gauge with two 9mm bullet casings set in rope bezels.  

The result is rustic and pretty, stylish and unique!

We use 70mm long french style barrettes that are Made in France. They are super secure and hold even the thickest of hair. 

Overall size of barrette is approximately 80mm wide.
Lightweight and easy to open and close.

Make your ponytail explode in style with a SureShot hair barrette!

A SureShot exclusive.

*small scallop components vary.  see photos.

Note:  Brands vary.  Primer centers of casings will vary.  See photos for two examples of same barrette for reference.  Contact us with any special requests.

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