MULTI-WRAP Brass Bullet and Spike Leather Choker

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Leather Multi-Wrap Choker Necklace - Bullet Jewelry - Leather Necklace - SureShot Jewelry

The softest buff color deerskin leather is used to create this trendy fashion style. We designed the ends with hammered rings hung with brass bullet casings and antique brass spike pendants. All leather ends are hand wire wrapped for quality and craftsmanship.

Leather is cut at a generous 55-60" length so you can wrap them twice or even three times. They can also be multi-wrapped around your wrist and tied in a bow for a unique take on the traditional wrap bracelet!

There are several variations in how these can be worn. We show you a few of them in the photos: 1) wrapped three times with the ends hanging, or 2) wrapped two or three times (depending on how long you want the knot) and then tie the ends in a single knot together leaving the ends at either an even length or at different lengths for an asymmetrical look. A third way you can tie these are with the ends in a bow either at your neck or loose so the bow hangs below your neck. These are so versatile!

The vibe of these is a gypsy, hippie, boho or western look. And with SureShot chokers, you get firepower too!

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