Antler Hoop Beaded Dangle Earrings - Three Colors to Choose From

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Deer Antler Beaded Unique Dangle Hoop Style Earrings from SureShot Jewelry

We are continuing to grow our collection of offerings using genuine deer antler tines, slices and tips and are pleased to list this new design we've completed just in time for the fall season!

Our antler slices start as raw cut from antler sheds, but we don't simply utilize them like others. We put them through a process that results in the antlers having a nice satin sheen and smooth, clean, rounded edges for a professional and finished look.

Once we've prepared them, they are ready to be used in creating jewelry.

For this earring design, we took out the centers of two slices and then processed them into these wonderful hoops.

They are finished in THREE varieties of beadwork: teal jade, orange coral, and black onyx. Use dropdown to make your selection.

Because they are hollowed out as hoops, the resulting earrings are not heavy as one would think. Bone lightens over time as they dry out and beads don't carry weight in the sizes used for earrings like these.

Antler hoop shapes will vary as will the coloring of the antlers.

Perfect for the fall season. If you are a lady that hunts, love boho style earrings or dig the unique, snap up a pair of these handcrafted beauties made from real deer antlers!

Handcrafted, artisan made.  Exclusively from SureShot Jewelry.

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