American Rust - Boho Western Copper/Bronze Multi Amulet Leather Necklace

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Upcycled Multi Charm Rustic Boho Style Leather Necklace - Vintage Pocket Knife, Lone Star, Indian and Feather Pendant Brass, Bronze and Copper Hue Saddle Leather Fringe Necklace

We call this necklace "American Rust"!

The inspiration for this entire design was the acquisition of not one, but two of the awesome (very collectible) copper/gold swirled vintage pocket knives. The knives are vintage, collectible and yes, real and they open to reveal two different blades inside. (Note that the knives are being used for the purpose of upcycling and incorporating them into jewelry designs for their awesome marbleized outer casings that is the inspiration for this design and not for their possible function! :) )

We coupled an antique bronze feather pendant and antique brass lone star shape pendant with the pocket knife and then mounted a high relief, detailed antique brass Indian head stamping on a vintage copper high school medallion that actually has "53" on the front underneath the stamping, meaning it is from 1953! It is solid backed, a pretty shape and the Indian head fits perfectly!

All of the amulets are hung at varying lengths in the optimal balance for maximum display of each. Notable is the vintage Federal 410g shotshell mounted to the face of the lone star pendant that shares the copper color of the medallion and gives the look so much more cohesion and rustic vibes! These old shotshells are long since obsolete and gives you a cool tidbit to share with your admirers when wearing this necklace!

The cord is braided saddle tan leather. Added is a tassel handmade using complementary saddle tan deerskin lace that really completes the look.

Closure is a swivel lobster that is in the front and uses the smooth round bronze ring connector from which the amulets are all hung.

Length: 18 inches to the round ring
Drop from ring: ~8 inches

Necklace is rich in tones and the theme screams boho western for sure!

Only two available.

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