Dragonfly Bullet Necklace - A Summertime Fave!

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Dragonflies are said to bring good luck in old lore so perhaps this necklace will bring the wearer luck with a little fire power on the side!

The dragonfly has openwork wings and is a pewter pendant.  Wing span is about 1 3/4" and is hung from a beaded bail that mimics the beaded tail of the insect.  The length from tip to tip is about 1 1/2" long.  Overall, its a great size pendant perfect for spring and summer.

The bezel well allows only a 32 auto casing in its cavity, a small caliber casing, that is the perfect diameter.  The casing is brass and we added a diamond Swarovski in the center for added bling.

Hung by a beaded bail from our quality delicate cable chain.  Length:  18"

 See our butterfly pendant too if you like insect jewelry!

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