Bullet Earrings - Classic Bullet Dangle Earrings - Black Onyx Beadwork

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One of our classic styles of bullet dangles. BEST SELLER!

Rifle casings are set in antique silver bezels, dressed up with genuine black onyx faceted beads and suspended on stainless french wires from detailed rope rings.

Choice of brass or nickel casings.  Shown are brass 30-06 rifle casings.

Length: ~2 1/2"

Earring keepers included

Brands and calibers vary.  Contact us with any special requests.  Shown are 30-06 rifle casings in brass.  The bezels for these earrings will accept calibers such as 30-06, 270, 243, 308, 25-06, 30-30, 45 auto.

See our classic bullet dangles without the beadwork HERE.

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