Shotgun Casing Bib Style Statement Necklace

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Fringe or bib style necklace showcasing five brass 20 gauge shotgun casings.

Casings set in rolled edge antique silver bezels, hung from detailed openwork filigrees on a chunky flat link cable chain. Optionally, we can produce the necklace using all antique brass components.  See photos.

Cream or bronze colored pearls complete the look. We generally use the creamy pearls when producing the design in silver, and the bronze pearls when using brass components.  The shotshells remain brass with either style.

Optional diamond crystals in centers of shotshells for added sparkle.  Use dropdown to make your selection.

Length:  17 1/2" with 2" extender chain and our signature pistol charm

Often chosen as a bridal necklace for a rustic style wedding, but this piece is a "statement" design and would be perfect for the office or other formal occasions too!

We also create a bullet casing style using nickel 45 autos and pearls.  Very elegant as well! See our optional listing.

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