12 Gauge Stainless Steel Chunky Charm Bracelet

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Chunky oval stainless steel bracelet featuring a 12 gauge shotshell in your choice of brass or silver.

Shotshell is mounted in our signature rope bezel for added character and a finished look both front and back.  Added are 4 extra stainless steel links and our SureShot logo charm.

Bracelet can be made in any size starting with 6 inches and going up in increments of 1/2 inch.  The links will add an additional inch to whatever size you choose.

Finished with a little sparkle using a diamond Swarovski brand crystal in the center of the casing.

A classy looking bracelet, made with quality stainless steel that resists tarnish and scratching. Perfect for the lady that hunts or the lady that loves to layer her jewelry.

Use the dropdowns to make all of your selections to personalize this bracelet just for you or for someone as a gift.

NOTE: Shown are brass casings in Remington and Browning brands.  We also have Federal Gold Medal, Kent, Cheddite, Fiocchi and Winchester.  If you prefer a silver casing, we are limited to Remington and Nobel.  Please leave a note at checkout if you prefer a certain brand if you choose a brass casing.  If no note is left, we will choose one for you.

Exclusive design of SureShot Jewelry.

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