Aviary or Bird Band Minimalist Tube Bead Necklace

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These little bands are perfect for trendy tube bead style necklaces that are so popular right now!  Minimalist jewelry is hot this season!

The bands are quite small, classified as a teal duck band, at only 10mm tall and have 9mm openings.

They are authentic bands, but were never issued or used on a banded bird.  Embossed with unique numbers as well as the the website to utilize, in order to report if you find, shoot or discover a banded bird.  

Hung on our most petite stainless steel curb chain with lobster closure.
Necklace length:  18"

Limited quantity!

See our "Outdoor Jewelry" section or simply use the search term "duck band" to see all of the other designs we create using different sizes of bands up to goose band sizes!

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