Collectible NAHC Grizzly Bear Bronze Coin & 12 Gauge Shotshell Link Bracelet

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A bronze NAHC (North American Hunting Club) coin becomes the focal piece for this one of a kind handcrafted design.  The coin features one of six of our North American predators, the grizzly bear, on the front side and the full NAHC logo on the back. This coin is from "Series 01", so is one of the older ones and quite collectible!

The coin is set in an antique brass beaded coin bezel that is open in the center so when you can still enjoy the back of the coin peering through (see photo).  

The coin is flanked by two 12 gauge Remington brand shotshells that are likewise mounted first in our signature rope edge bezel and then secured to similar beaded bezels to complement the coin bezel.

Links and a large matching swivel lobster complete the look.

Bracelet is 7 1/2" long and there are extra rolo style links to extend the length to about 8 1/2 inches.

This is a one of a kind, original SureShot design.  Note that we currently do not have any more of these coins from Series 01 any longer, but we can source a particular one for you if you would like.  Or, if you want us to use one of your collector coins in this design, we are happy to do that too!  

See also our listing of this same bracelet design in antique silver and using silver NRA coins with brass 12 gauge shotshells too!

Diameter of center coin bezel: 38mm or 1 3/4"
Diameter of flanking bezels:  1 1/8"
Bracelet Length:  7 1/2" to about 8 1/2"

An exclusive design of SureShot Jewelry.


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