Vest Extenders - Biker Accessories - Men's 20 Gauge Shotgun Casing Chain Vest Extenders

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Handcrafted, not mass produced, these vest extenders are guaranteed to be the best quality on the market!

Unlike the machine manufactured ones, our vest extenders are created with hand cut 5-6 oz. black motorcycle leather, solid stainless "D" rings, quality antique sterling over brass heavy curb chain, and hand set/hand riveted snaps and shotgun casings.  And yes, our shotgun casings are the "real deal"!

 Choice of Winchester or Remington brand  20 gauge shotgun casings.  Use dropdown to select brand and quantity.

We also offer these using 12 gauge shotgun casings.  See other listing.

Handcrafted and offered exclusively by SureShot Jewelry.

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