Shot Thru the Heart Turquoise Beaded Bullet Dangle Earrings

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Beautifully detailed antique silver etched heart pendants with brass bullet casings. 

Casings are set in sawtooth edge bezels for added dimension and interest and securely mounted to the hearts.  Pretty genuine turquoise cube type beads are added giving them a boho or western vibe. 

Hung from stainless french wires.

Length:  ~2 1/2"

Earring keepers included

We also offer this design using antique silver beads instead of the turquoise nuggets.  See other listing.

Calibers of casings vary.  Shown are 38 specials.  We also use 40 S&W, 9mm and 357s.  Leave a note at check out if you prefer one of these calibers.  Additional processing time my apply.

Check out our popular Shot Thru the Heart necklace and charm bracelet too. A best seller for over five years and running!  Available using 28g and 12g shotgun casings. 

A SureShot exclusive design.

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