Vintage Brass Fishing Spinner Cascade Earrings

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Fishing Related - Vintage Brass Fishing Spinners Cascade Dangle Earrings

A new design that actually takes it's inspiration from a statement necklace we made using over 50 of these marquis shape vintage fishing spinners a few years back. It sold at an art show before we could even list it!

This pair is made from vintage brass spinners in two styles - a smooth one with triple indentions and the other is a textured type. Combined they are an excellent complement to one another and together, make for an interesting look!

Each earring has five of the spinners, alternating down a chain of stainless steel rings. Finished with round stainless lever backs.

These are super lightweight and really shine!

They make for a dressy pair of earrings and who will know they are actually spinners used for vintage fishing lures! Girls that fish would love these (of course)!!

Length: 3 inches

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