Vintage Flintlock Style Pistol Shape Silver Cuff Links

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As an upcycled jewelry artist, I source many small antiquities and little refound objects. On my "hunts", I sometimes come across vintage items that don't need to be upcycled, but that are just really nice finds!

That is the case with these vintage men's cuff links. They feature antique silver finished flintlock style pistols on cuff link bases.

The longest part of the guns are almost 1.5 inches and you can see how smart they look on actual cuffs in the photos.

I'm not certain of the content of the metal, but they look to be about 1960s to 1970s and likely a steel or brass base with sterling plate and then antiqued to bring out the detailing in the guns. I also see no maker marks on the backs. Nevertheless, they are of good quality and they appear like new to me!

With SureShot being all about ammo, I had to have these and thought they would be a great offering! For the corporate guy that hunts and/or shoots, you can not only shop from our huge selection of bullet and shotshell cuff links we have here on the site, but you can also grab this unique and vintage pair of cuff links too!

Don't know what a "flintlock pistol" is? These pistols were first made and used back in the 16th century and up until really the 19th century, originating in Western Europe. Called this because of their unique firing mechanism on the top of the gun (and the cufflinks actually have this!), wherein black powder was loaded and ignited to bring a spark and that would in turn cause the action of launching the bullet out of the pistol. The mechanism was originally called a matchlock and the black powder was loaded from the front muzzle of the gun. This is just a little detail, but you can certainly google and learn more!

Cuff links will come mounted on our SureShot Jewelry jewelry cards. Only the one pair available.

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