Long Length Lasso Style Crystal Bullet Necklace

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Two nickel bullet casings "reloaded" with vintage icicle shaped chandelier crystals and reborn into this fashion forward long length lasso style necklace.

Casings are embellished with filigrees to give them detail and character and hung at graduated lengths from an antique silver rope ring. Clear faceted Czech glass beads carry the theme up one side of the chain, while an antique silver swivel toggle clasp complements them and fastens to the rope ring, making this necklace easy on and off from the front.

The silver metal and clear crystals make this a versatile necklace.  Great for layering too!

Length:  28" at ring
Drop:  4 1/2"

Note:  We use 38 special or 357 magnums for this necklace.  You will receive two of either caliber for your necklace.

A SureShot Jewelry exclusive design.

Check out this necklace walking the runway at the USCCA Show!


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