Spike Charm Bullet Earrings

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These earrings are just Cool!! Spike, sparkle and firepower all in one modern, edgy pair of bullet earrings! 

We prepared the bullets using our patented method. Bullet casings are cut to a low profile and mounted in stainless steel bezels to cover the raw backside of the bullet casings and give them a quality finished look both front and back.

Suspended from the bezels are stainless steel rings and and spike charms to complete the look.

Choose from with or without diamond Swarovski brand crystals in the center.

Super lightweight!

Stainless Steel Ear Wires
Length: approx. 2.25"
Earring keepers included

We also create these as a "post style" dangle earring.  See listing HERE.  Also see last photo for sample of that style.

Brands and calibers will vary. Calibers used are 9mm, 357, 38s and 40s to keep the proportions in balance. Leave a note at checkout if you prefer a specific caliber of the ones listed here. Additional processing time may apply.

These are a trendy choice with spikes being popular in today's jewelry fashions. They give an edgy look to the bullets....not that the bullets themselves aren't edgy enough! We see these looking smart on a biker or rocker gal.


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