Arrowhead Shape Long & Slender Bullet Necklace

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Ladies, this necklace is a staple for your jewelry box.  Arrowheads have long been symbols of protection, courage and strength.  Native Americans even believed that the arrowhead protected them from illness and acted as a guard against the "evil eye."  It would deflect any negative energy and protect them from their enemies.

Wear this necklace as your personal symbol of protection, courage and strength...with some firepower included!

This is a nice flat back arrowhead shaped pendant with a setting base that nestles a 44 magnum and 9mm bullet casing perfectly!

We used a sturdy rolo link chain and hung the pendant from a textured rope ring connector.  Simple, classic,but modern and trendy too!  Great for layering with other necklaces.

Optional crystals.  Use dropdown to select "Yes".

Length:  32" - comes with a lobster clasp closure, but you can simply slip this over your head.

See our arrowhead dangle earrings using a similar openwork shaped pendant! Three styles to choose from!  

Exclusive design of SureShot Jewelry.

3.2017 (orig.5270+)

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